We made fun of my sister for organizing this photo while we were in Myrtle Beach.  She made sure we were all dressed this way and standing on the sand at precisely 7pm, not 7:30.  At 7:30 the light would begin to fade and that would show all of our excess weight and wrinkles, perhaps.

Anyway, I take back all of our grumbling and whining.  I take back every comment about wishing we were at the beach bar instead.  I take back laughing at the moment when the camera clicked and my husband said, “everyone say DYSFUNCTIONAL!”

There will not be day that I am not thankful for this photo.  If I look long enough, I catch myself smiling back at all of those people standing there in the sand.  They are my past and my future, and the net that I could safely fall into at any moment.

Maybe it is just the magic 7pm moment, but there is a light cast on this photo that is unique.  It is the light that fills the space when everyone you could ever want surrounds you.