I let my 9th wedding anniversary slip away unblogged.  This was intentional because I am getting a little concerned about the need for people to do things and then run them by THE INTERNET.  I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people say “this will make a great facebook status” before they actually do something.  Are we living for facebook?  And I am getting a little wary of the facebook status complainers, the blog complainers.  The internet could be a tool to spread light, love and truth through ease of connection. Instead it is often used to dump our oh-so-smart opinions about our last bad meal or traffic or coworkers.

Wait.  I am totally complaining about complainers.

The title of this post will prove to be a bit ironic, since the heroine in the book Eat, Pray, Love left her husband to find herself by traveling around the world, discovering that she was a spiritual being, only to wind up in the arms of another man.  That being said, I would encourage anyone who is starting to nudge into a spiritual existence read it right away.  A really good book, but I do know that it did not resonate with many wives and mothers who already know that the real, true world runs into your arms every morning, kisses you on the cheek and demands chocolate milk.

Anyway, I did make it to the 9 year mark in my first marriage on September 15th.  My husband and I are financially forced to keep things low-key these days.  And I was about to get all pouty about this, like who lets a 9 year milestone pass them by without at least a dinner out that costs half a thousand dollars?

Because that is the way we used to do things.

Way before we had to factor in the cost of a babysitter, before the housing market decided that we should carry a boat anchor around our necks in a state we no longer live in, we really knew how to live it up.  We spent our 5th anniversary in Napa Valley, and we only rolled out of bed for those pesky vineyard tours and dinner reservations we had every day and night.

So waaaaa!, those days are over for a long while, I think.  But scarcity can be a blessed bitch, if you open your eyes.  And I did.  And now I see that I don’t have to travel to California or even to the most expensive restaurant in this town to celebrate what I have every day of my life.  What I have is better.

I am going to let out a secret here.  My husband is a gourmet chef and the way he cooks turns every day into a celebration.  And you guys, you should see our wine cellar.  My readers who know him are also aware that there is always some type of charcuterie in the works (and that charcuterie no longer attracts flies).

Pork Belly

One problem.  I am having trouble keeping up the act of whining to him about how he never takes me out anymore.  Food from any other place does not compare.  It’s true and sad.  I crinkle my nose at the finest menus.  I can’t get a steak that like his from any restaurant.  He selects the perfect rib eye and dry ages it and cooks it to perfection.  If I ask for something innovative, he comes up with something like vegetable egg rolls and spicy coconut rice.  And that is what we eat on a non-celebration weeknight!  Imagine what he pulls out when he is really trying to impress me.

What I got when I said I wanted Macaroni and Cheese

Christmas Eve Roast

He is now sharing all of his creativity and ideas in a blog, and I am glad. Passion should be shared.  What I get is the first taste of his creations and the man behind them.  The one who rubs my feet as we sip wine,  loosen our pants, and watch our daughter fill our living room with laughter and surprise.

As far as I know, those things cannot be ordered off of a menu.

Happy 9th Anniversary, Dan.