Sophia, pointing to a large and obvious church on our drive home from Trader Joe’s, asked “Who lives there again?”

“Oh, nobody lives there,” I answered.  “Many people like to go there to pray to God or Jesus.”

“I know all about Jesus, but who is God?”  she asked again.

“God is not a who,” I replied after holding my breath because honestly, I am more equipped to answer the question of how babies are made to a 4-year-old than Who Is God.

But somehow it came to me.  “God is the love that you have inside of you.  The love for all the things and people of the world and even beyond the world.  Never forget that you are God, that everyone is God.”

After a moment of thought she spoke.  “Some of the boys in my preschool do not have God inside them.”

I laughed for a second then realized the opportunity.  “Yes they do, Sophia.  If you practice using your God eyes, you will see it.”

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